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Ink'd 2 Rasta


Ink'd 2 Black/Black

Ink'd 2 Black/Red

Ink'd 2 Blue/Black

Ink'd 2 Pink/Black

Ink'd 2 Rasta

Ink'd 2 Black w/Mic

Ink'd 2 Black/Red w/Mic

Ink'd 2 Blue/Black w/Mic

Ink'd 2 Rasta w/Mic

Ink'd 2 Pink/Black w/Mic

Ink'd 2 - Green/Black

Ink'd 2 - Lime Green/Black w/Mic

Ink'd 2 - White/Black w/Mic

Ink'd 2 - Gray/Black w/Mic

Ink'd 2 - White/Black

Ink'd 2 - RealTree Tan w/Mic

Ink'd 2 - Olympique Marseille w/Mic 1

Ink'd 2 - Chelsea FC w/Mic 1

Ink'd 2 - FC Barcelona w/Mic 1

Ink'd 2 - River Plate w/Mic 1

Ink'd 2 - Boca Juniors w/Mic 1

Ink'd 2 - Gray/Cyan/Gray w/Mic1

Ink'd 2 - Navy/Hot Blue/Navy w/Mic1

Ink'd 2 - Gray/Cyan/Gray

Ink'd 2 - France w/Mic 1

Ink'd 2 - Germany w/Mic 1

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  • Featured Review

    Awesome Earbuds..

    This is my second pair of skull candy earphones and both are definitely legit. These are perfect for outdoors because they are lightweight so they stay in my ear while I am running, mountain biking, or longboarding.. and they sound awesome... It's also good to know if i ever do have any problems they have a lifetime warranty..

    Technical Specs

    • less than 0.1% (1mW/500Hz)
    • TPE

    Key Features

    Leaving an undisputed mark on critics and believers alike, this popular bud has been re-shaped, re-tuned and re-produced for true fans. Complete with Supreme Sound, the Ink’d 2 is a remix worth hearing for yourself.

    Features & Highlights


    Supreme Sound delivers Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals and Precision Highs. 

    Flattened cable for style and durability.

    Designed, engineered and manufactured by Skullcandy.