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Welcome Skullcandy Supermodel Chrissy Teigen

We're inclined to call supermodel, Chrissy Teigen, a home town girl if only because she was born in Utah, nearby our Skullcandy HQ. But one look at Chrissy and you'd know she's worldly, having worked as a high fashion model for many major labels since a young age. So, we thought we'd get to know her better and sat down for a Q&A session.

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SKDY: How did you get your start in the modeling business?  If you weren’t a model, what would you be doing?

CHRISSY: I was working at a surf shop in Huntington Beach, CA where the US Open of Surfing was every single year. The whole experience was always so much fun and brought in a lot of cameras and entertainment to our little stretch! I started thinking I would be interested in modeling but never really went out and pursued it – a photographer came to me. Then, I used those photos to get an agency and just became a regular ol' working model. If I wasn't a model I would have gone to culinary school, for sure.

SKDY: Both you and Skullcandy were born in Utah.  Coincidence or fate?

CHRISSY: Fate, of course! I mean, I very rarely meet people from Utah, much less an entire empire!

SKDY: We heard you’re a master, or at least semi-master, chef and even have your own cooking blog. What do you like to cook? Where do your cooking skills come from? Why do you like it so much?

CHRISSY: I love to cook very hearty, no-fail type meals. Dishes that make you look like an awesome chef and are just plain flavorful. I use strong ingredients and lots of chicken thighs in cast-iron dishes. I definitely have an intense passion for cooking that my parents didn't have, although they did cook all the time. My dad's specialty was breakfast, while my mom made Thai food and has an amazing scalloped potatoes recipe. My sister is actually an amazing home cook – no recipes or anything. She can just go off. I wish I could do that.

I like to cook because sometimes, it's just so nice to be home. TV on, wine out. Time to relax and just enjoy your time off work. Although some of these “quieter times” have ended in a fire or the tips of my fingers being sliced off.

SKDY: How did you get 140K people to follow you on Twitter?  How would you describe your relationship with Twitter? If you could only follow 3 people, who would they be? (She's @chrissyteigen, btw)

CHRISSY: Well, the bikini photos didn't hurt, and candids of inside the White House got me a big jump. I think I just have this really random lifestyle that I try to make fun of, while still realizing how lucky I am.

Twitter and I have a love/hate relationship. I love it some days, but I'd say some days it makes me want to never have the Internet ever, ever again. People can be brutal! Granted, I ask for it sometimes. I'd like to think there is a difference between snarky or cheeky-to-be-funny, and just plain malicious. It's helped me realize that although I am a swimsuit model, I actually have a lot more of a female following! I love the boys, of course. But I just think this is so awesome.

I love following @jennyandteets, @robdelaney and @meganamram. I think twitter should be a funny place! You won't see too many inspirational quotes on my page.

SKDY: There’s a certain artist – let’s call him John Legend – that alleges that you are his fiancée. Can you confirm or deny?  What’s your favorite song of his?

CHRISSY: Eww, he has been doing this for years now. He even moved in with me. I don't have the heart to tell him to get out. I mean, where would he go, right? 

I do enjoy some of his music though. Some of my favorites include. “Good Morning”, “Everybody Knows”, “Again”, “Another Again”, “PDA”... and I can't wait for his new album. Lots of great stuff.

SKDY: Speaking of music, what are you into? Where did your taste in music originate? How does it play a part in your everyday life?

CHRISSY: I am a simple person with music, and tend to fall in love with one song I play for a month straight, on repeat, only to end up HATING it when the month is up. The shuffle can take me from Kanye to Lady Antebellum to Jay Z to Taylor Swift to Mariah to Beyonce to Arcade Fire to old love songs. I love old love songs. (Check out Chrissy's Spotify playlist on our dedicated Music page)




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