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Dropping Here, Now – #RainingHesh Video

The sky darkens, tin roofs rattle and the drama builds around four unsuspecting victims. Sounds like the opening frames of a Hitchcock movie.  In this case, however, Skullcandy's all new Hesh 2 headphones drop from the sky by the thousands in Skullcandy's and Steve Berra's concept video, #RainingHesh, inspired by a famous scene in the movie, magnolia.

In our version, the victims of this short film are the members of Skullcandy's Skate Team: Eric Koston, Sean Malto, Theotis Beasley and Steve Berra, himself.  The video premiered exclusively on theberrics.com and is now available for viewing right here.  

The response to the video has been incredibly positive thus far, both on the Internet as well as in-person. Just this weekend, we had an incredibly large turnout during our crew's last minute descension upon three Southern California skateparks where they figuratively made it start raining Hesh.  The new Hesh 2 is dropping now!


Raininghesh eric koston Eric koston raining hesh 800 Sean malto raining hesh 800 Theotis beasley raining hesh 800 Steve berra raining hesh 800 Raininghesh 800

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