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That’s A Wrap for Theo’s Euro Snaps (For Now)

We closed out Theo's Euro Snaps tour with a stop in Paris that was spectacular.  Eric Koston and Theotis Beasley took some time to act like tourists and see the sights one last time before jetting home to the USA – hijacking a vintage Vespa, checking out the Eiffel Tower and skating (yeah, that's right) the Arc de Triomphe!

Theotis arc de triomphe

Just our luck, we ran into a wave of inline skaters outside Notre Dame that was impenetrable. But in true Koston fashion he charged right for the heart of the mob… if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Apparently joining them wasn't the best idea, so we went in search of open space – tough to find in Paris.

Skate vs skate paris

Theo's favorite meal from the trip?  Escargot (not really).  It's no Burger King Whopper, but he stomached the strength to try one snail. Thumbs up!

Theotis gets a taste of paris. jpg

The signing session at Snowbeach Warehouse had kids lined out the door. Perfect time to introduce the guys and Hesh 2 Supreme Sound to the Parisians. You'd think that after three stops Theotis and Koston would have a case of carpal tunnel but they were unstoppable. Thanks guys.

Theotis signing paris

The tour may be over, but there's more to come from Theo's Euro Snaps.  Look for a full tour video following teasers from each stop: Barcelona, Copenhagen and Paris.  Also, don't miss the great feature stories dropping in November and December from our key media partners: Skateboarder Mag, Huck, Dogway, Trickon, SOMA, Bitchslap and MSM.  All the shenanigans and skate you can handle from our crew, Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Theotis Beasley.  Snap that's a wrap.


Koston theotis arc de triomphe Koston theotis eiffel tower Koston theotis fans paris Air koston paris Hesh 2 in paris Theotis skates paris Koston portrait in progress Koston portrait Koston shattered paris Koston theotis free wheelin paris Skate vs skate paris Skullcandy crew paris Snowbeach warehouse signing paris Theotis fans paris Theotis gets a taste of paris. jpg Theotis signing paris Theotis arc de triomphe

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