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Theo’s Euro Snaps Tour Drops in on The CPH Pro

After a couple of sunny days in Barcelona, we jumped on a plane to Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a major regional center of culture, business, media, and science, but also the host of Europe’s biggest pro skateboarding contest, The CPH Pro.

Most citizens choose to cycle to work, so we did like the locals, rented bikes and cruised around town to find skate spots and do the obligatory sightseeing.

Eric koston theotis beasley copenhagen

Thanks to some connections we managed to get a private visit around the Danish beer brewery, Carlsberg, skating around the old buildings (circa 1847) and of course finishing with a beer tasting. Not bad for breakfast.

Theotis beasley copenhagen

From there we went to see the famous Little Mermaid. The statue was commissioned in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen, son of the founder of Carlsberg, who had been fascinated by a ballet about the fairytale in Copenhagen's Royal Theatre and asked the prima ballerina, Ellen Price, to model for the statue. Our guys were more fascinated about something else about the statue, and we believe the photo of Theotis speaks for itself.

Theotis beasley little mermaid copenhagen

After nailing some spots we got ready to go to FÆLLEDPARKEN, for the yearly Ring of Spitfire. If you are not familiar with this contest we have three words for you : FIRE, BURN and SKATE. Absolutely only for the gnarliest of the gnarly skaters out there.

Copenhagen has the two oldest amusement parks in the world, and when Eric Koston heard this he was like a kid in a candy store, jumped on his bike and dragged us all over for an afternoon in Tivoli. Luckily our stomachs were in balance when we where dangling from The Star Flyer, the worlds tallest carousel 80m over the ground.

Carousel copenhagen

Our days in Copenhagen went too fast – great days fully packed with skateboarding, good friends, Danish girls, sun and cold ones. We will definitely see you all next year.

Check out the highlights of the comp and our stay in Copenhagen. Look for more footage from Theo's Euro Snaps Tour dropping soon.  To see all photos from our trip search #theoseurosnaps on Instagram.



Carousel copenhagen Copenhagen pro (20) Copenhagen pro (21) Copenhagen pro (22) Copenhagen pro (25) Copenhagen pro (26) Copenhagen pro (27) Copenhagen pro (40) Copenhagen pro 1 Copenhagen pro 2 Copenhagen pro 3 Copenhagen pro eric koston staba Copenhagen pro theotis beasley Copenhagen pro evan smith Eric koston theotis beasley copenhagen Pig roast on tour copenhagen Skullcandy at the copenhagen pro Supreme sound copenhagen The little mermaid copenhagen Theotis beasley at the tivoli copenhagen Theotis beasley copenhagen Theotis beasley little mermaid copenhagen

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