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Barcelona Schmarcelona – Stop #1 on Theo’s Euro Snaps Tour

Theotis koston sagrada familia barcelona

Barcelona = Skating + sun + girls + wine + tapas + skating + MACBA + Nasty Mondays + Estrella + art + boobies + mojitos + music + skating + Paral-lel + Theotis + Koston + Malto + Skullcandy

We are not too good at math, but with a tour like Theo's Euro Snaps we wanted to make the most out of stop número uno in Barcelona.

If we were good at math, this is what the equation would look like from three days in the city.   Skating MACBA, Forum and Paral-lel and a signing session at Free Boardshop.  A crazy language, a crew taking touristy snaps and a mini-mob compliments of the Euro Snaps Facebook and mobile apps. 

Be sure to follow us at our next stop, Copenhagen, happening NOW – check it on  If you are already following us and lucky enough to live in Copenhagen or Paris, why not go join the boys on tour and become part of Theo’s story. 

Thanks Spain, Freshlines, Free Boardshop, Theotis B, Koston, Soren and Nasty Mondays, all the Spanish chickas, Mini-Malto and everyone who joined us in town. No thanks to Vueling Airlines and the thief that stole one of our bags.


Koston theotis barcelona fans Koston theotis skate 1 Sean malto barcelona Sean malto fan barcelona Sean malto on euro snaps tour barcelona Skullcandy x barcelona view Theotis at the w free wheeling Theotis beasley barcelona Theotis koston cheers barcelona Theotis koston sagrada familia barcelona Theotis koston barcelona photo op W hotel barcelona Eric koston board set up barcelona Eric koston signing barcelona Eric koston skates barcelona Eric koston welcome tee barcelona Euro snap tour dinner barcelona Euro snaps tour at free boardshop barcelona Theotis koston insta barcelona

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