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Hesh 2 Redefines Skullcandy’s Sound Quality

Hesh 2 supreme sound

In just four months Dr. Tetsuro Oishi, Skullcandy’s Director of Electrical & Acoustical Engineering/Advanced Concept Engineering, has managed to take our best-selling Hesh headphone and make it into a sound engineering work-of-art. In his words, “Hesh 2 is one of the best sounding headphones under $400.”

With well skilled engineering, Dr. Oishi discovered greatly improved sound in the new Hesh 2 much quicker than he expected. Normally, it’s not easy to meet exponential sound quality so fast. Designing our own drivers – something most companies don’t do – was one of the factors that lead to the leap in sound quality. We also paid very precise attention to every component of our headphones to master their performance.

“We created a sound in Hesh 2 that we really liked,” Dr. Oishi says. “It was the best we have heard among our products and our competitor’s headphones – so that became our definition of Skullcandy Supreme Sound.”

As a result, Skullcandy created a unique sound profile with powerful attacking bass, precision highs and vocals that are smooth and natural. “We wanted to focus on vocals,” Dr. Oishi states, “ because our customers want to hear the vocals, whether they are listening to hip-hop or alternative.” With Hesh 2, we have achieved the level of refinement we were after.

For an up-close-and-personal view of Skullcandy's new direction, take the Supreme Sound Journey.


Hesh 2 supreme sound

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